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Professional Business Manager (PBM)

Client Software Fees

Included with each software module

Client Licenses for PBM

PBM is a companion software to Full Contact Accounting software. PBM is designed for your (accounting office) clients’ use. Your office must be on full support with Dillner’s to license client versions. A client license permits use of PBM at a single location. The client may have multiple Company files and may install PBM on multiple computers (networked or stand-alone) as long as it is in one physical location.

All support will be provided by your office, and Dillner’s will support you; therefore, your office must be experienced enough with the software to support your client. You set up and install PBM in your client’s office and you provide all support to your client. Dillner’s support staff will only assist with the support of your client as long as someone from your office is also on the phone with the client. Dillner’s will not directly contact any client without the accounting firm’s involvement.

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