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Full Contact AccountingTM

Accounts Receivable Software-

Designed by accountants for accountants with productivity the primary objective!

Multiple Client Write Up Software designed for fast, heads-down data entry and processing efficiency.

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No Extra Charge

Domain – Microsoft NT® and all later server versions.

Local Area Network – 1,000 MBPS (1 GB) with Windows 7®, Windows 8® or later or server 2008 R2 or better. 12 GB of RAM or more. If Terminal Server, then adequate RAM for the number of processors.

Microsoft Terminal Services® – 2008®, Windows 7®, Windows 8® or later. – No extra charge.

PC running Microsoft Windows 7®, Windows 8® or later.

LAN connection to server 1,000 MBPS (1GB).

4 GB or more of RAM minimum. See Recommendation.

It is typical for processors to be running multiple monitors with several programs open such as a couple versions of QuickBooks, Excel spreadsheet, etc. To be able to do this, the minimum requirement for the workstation is really much larger than it is simply to run FCA. We recommend computers be less than 3 years old with 8 or more GB of RAM to accommodate the multi tasking common in this industry. We also strongly recommend that there be no audio or video streaming.

Work Station


Office and remote users must have broadband internet connectivity. Although the software runs locally, internet connectivity is critical for updates and customer support.

General Program Features

  • Ability to set up unlimited number of clients. No extra charge.
  • Ability to password protect any company file.
  • Ability to organize client listing in unlimited number of client groups. Use this powerful feature to organize client groups by supervisor and/or bookkeeper, etc.

Accounting Period Control

  • Transactions are maintained in accounting periods may be set as monthly, quarterly, 13 4-week periods or annual.
  • Process in future periods up to twelve (12) future periods.
  • Ability to open a prior period up to twelve (12) periods back. This ability is restricted to users with rights granted by the owner/administrator.
  • All detail is retained with ability to print any report for any period from day-one.
  • Ability to consolidate the detail in user defined prior periods. Use this for very large files to enhance processing speed. When prior periods have been consolidated, all reports that do not require detail can still be printed, such as all financial statements.


Support Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET and Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ET.
Extended weekend hours during January.
Unlimited phone support.
Unlimited email to support.
Dillner's User Conference (DUC). Next one to be held June 21-23, 2018.
Free initial web-based training as well as ongoing for new employees.

Accounts Receivable

Balance forward system for doing Accounts Receivable for clients and for your own firm. Click here for a complete Accounts Receivable Manual.

  • Set up unlimited custom invoice items.
  • Set up unlimited custom tax items.
  • Create non-repetitive invoices.
  • Set up repetitive items by customer.
  • Create unlimited repetitive groups.
  • Create unlimited billing groups.
  • Create unlimited custom sorting items in two fields (in your practice you may use one for supervisors and the other for bookkeeping, etc.)
  • Create unlimited marketing messages in two levels.
  • Create unlimited draft messages.
  • Automatically generate repetitive invoices by marketing group(s).
  • Automatically create ACH files for custom pre-authorized draft payments by billing group(s).
  • Automatically create credit card submission files for pre-authorized credit card charges by billing group(s).
  • Print paper drafts including automatic posting of payment records by billing group(s).
  • Automatically create payment records for customers with pre-authorized payments.
  • Automatically send statements and invoices to clients’ Virtual Office portals.


Imports for Setup

Full Contact Accounting – Import various items from another Full Contact Accounting company file. Use this ability to import common items from office standard template files:

  • ¤ GL Accounts
  • ¤ Options and Settings
  • ¤ Tax software mappings
  • ¤ All Contacts
  • ¤ Customers
  • ¤ Vendors
  • ¤ Employees
  • ¤ Other Contacts


  • ¤ Prior Transactions
  • ¤ Contacts
  • ¤ Chart of Accounts


  • ¤ Chart of Accounts
  • ¤ Contacts
  • ¤ Transactions


  • ¤ Prior Transactions – imported into prior periods by date
  • ¤ Chart of Accounts
  • ¤ Customers
  • ¤ Vendors
  • ¤ Employees
  • ¤ Other Contacts

Business Works™:

  • ¤ Prior Transactions
  • ¤ Chart of Accounts
  • ¤ Customers
  • ¤ Employees
  • ¤ Vendors

Accounting CS:

  • ¤ Checkbook
  • ¤ Write-Up CS:
  • – Prior Transactions
    – Chart of Accounts
    – Contacts


Integration with Virtual Office

Print reports and automatically send pdf versions to clients' portal in the Virtual Office.
Print your accounting office's accounts receivable statements and invoices directly to your clients' portals in the Virtual Office.


Report Groups

  • Create global or client specific report groups.
  • Create custom report groups containing only the reports you send to the client each period.
  • Create unlimited number of Report Groups.

Paperless support

  • Integrated with network file system.
  • Integrated with Virtual Office (website) client portals.
  • Automatically print to pdf, print to physical printer and send to client's Virtual Office portal all at once.

Ready to use reports

  • Comes with a large suite of pre-made reports including financial statements and managerial reports.
  • Modify reports using Crystal Decisions, if desired.

Export any report to many applications

  • Microsoft Word
  • Crystal Reports
  • ODBC
  • Microsoft Excel
  • HTML
  • and more...

Powerful Utilities

Search Contacts

  • Two search methods:

¤ Quick Search - includes all census information for Contacts.
¤ Advance search - includes up to 65 fields of Contact data.

  • Filters for:

¤ Type of Contact.
¤ Two custom defined filter fields.
¤ Search for specified text.
¤ Global Search of all fields for matching text.
¤ Customizable results screen to include and exclude data fields as desired.
¤ Memorize search - ability to memorize an unlimited number of search configurations.

  • Export - Export results to comma delimited, tab delimited or Ascii file.
  • Quick print results.
  • Ability to merge as many Contacts as necessary.
  • With one click the ability to sort results by any data field.
  • Drill down on any Contact record to the Contact Manager.

Search Transactions

  • Filter by:

¤ Date range
¤ Period & Year
¤ GL account(s)
¤ Contact(s)
¤ Journal(s)
¤ Payroll item(s)
¤ Page number (check number, adjusting entry, page number, etc.)
¤ Batch ID
¤ Amount using =, <, <=, >, =>
¤ Customizable results screen to include and exclude data fields as desired.
¤ Over 25 data fields in the results.

  • With one click the ability to sort results by any data field.
  • Ability to create unlimited number of client-specific memorized search configurations.
  • Drill down on any result item to the source journal.
  • Export - Export results to comma delimited, tab delimited or Ascii file.
  • Quick print results.

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